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A Series of Scented Adventures Rose

Unveiling the Secret World of Roses: A Unique Adventure in Scent and Bloom

Embark on a sensory journey like never before as Careys invite you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary event celebrating the timeless allure of roses. Join them for an unforgettable exploration where the beauty of blossoms and the art of ethical fragrance converge.

10.30am – 11.30am Part 1: Kickstart your adventure with an intimate hour-long workshop led by their Head Gardener, Paul Scriven. Uncover the secrets of propagating and growing roses. From essential care tips to the art of nurturing these delicate blooms.

11.30am – 12pm Refreshment Break: Your ticket includes a FREE hot drink before Part 2 begins. 

12pm – 1pm Part 2: Step into an exciting world of scent with Simon Constantine, a master perfumer with a passion for ethical perfumery. Simon will lead a captivating hour-long session where he unveils the art of crafting scents using the essence of roses. Discover the intricate process of ethical perfumery, and gain a rare glimpse into the delicate alchemy of sustainably crafting exquisite rose-infused perfumes.

Find out more about Careys Secret Garden including more upcoming events. 

Note: This event listing is a guide only. For up to date information and or changes to the event please check with the organiser or venue.



Jun 08 2024


10:30 AM - 1:00 PM




Careys Secret Garden
Careys Secret Garden


Careys Secret Garden
Careys Secret Garden
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