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Migration Festival at Careys Secret Garden

Wareham's Secret Walled Garden to Host Spectacular 7-Week Migration Festival in Dorset

Unveiling the Wonders of Migration

Wareham's Secret Walled Garden to Host Spectacular 7-Week Festival

First breeding pair of Ospreys in 200 years!

Careys is the home of the first breeding pair of Ospreys in Southern England in nearly 200 years. This has been a direct result of the incredible translocation project run by Birds of Poole Harbour and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation. The project, which started in 2017, involves the translocation of 60 juvenile Ospreys from Scottish nests into the Poole Harbour area. Several of these birds were brought to the Careys Estate as part of the process. The aim of the translocation was to create a bond between the young Ospreys and their new local area, before they leave on their first treacherous migration, usually to West Africa. The successful bond created should draw the Ospreys back to the area on their return to the UK, after at least 2 years maturing in their wintering grounds. We are delighted to reveal that two birds, CJ7 and 022, are now nesting at Careys as a result of the project, and successfully reared 3 chicks here in 2023, 180 years on from their local extinction.

Ospreys will feature in Careys Secret Garden Migration Festival

Unique exhibition of the Berlin Wall!

Careys Secret Garden is also the only place in the UK that has an exhibit of 7 full-size pieces of the Berlin Wall which fell in 1989. The pieces are positioned in a cleared area of woodland just outside the Victorian walls of the Secret  Garden, and guests are welcome to view them for a donation when they visit.

This hidden gem in the quiet rolling hills of the Isle of Purbeck provides the perfect backdrop for an immersive experience that bridges the gap between wildlife and community. A place where history and nature intertwine, Careys mission is to cultivate a beautiful space that serves as a beacon for sustainable living, environmental stewardship, and regeneration.


Now a unique festival celebrating Migration!

This Winter, Careys will host this one-of-a-kind event that promises to captivate, inspire and spark conversations around the untold stories of migrations of both humans and wildlife alike.

Osprey Celebration: Kicking off the festivities, the festival will soar to new heights with a dedicated Osprey Celebration. Join the Birds of Poole Harbour team to learn all about celebrity Osprey pair CJ7 and 022, and how they came to be Southern England’s first breeding birds in nearly 200 years! You’ll even get an opportunity to view the nest site they successfully reared their young at this year.

Diversity in the Countryside: Thought-provoking and inspiring talks led by guest speakers will shed light on the importance of diversity in rural landscapes. Discover how embracing diverse perspectives can contribute to the sustainable coexistence of communities and wildlife. 

Rewilding and Regeneration: Take a deep dive into the world of rewilding and regeneration, exploring innovative approaches to conservation and ecological restoration. Learn about the positive impacts these practices are having on Dorset’s landscapes, ecosystems, and communities.

About Careys Secret Garden

Careys Secret Garden is 3.5 acre Victorian walled garden approx. 5 minutes drive from Wareham Train Station. The garden was rediscovered in 2019 and has undergone a gentle restoration, opening the gates to the public in 2021. They now welcome garden visitors throughout the year and host a full program of events, workshops and courses. At Careys Secret Garden, they embrace the knowledge and lessons of the past while sowing the seeds for a vibrant and sustainable future. More than a beautiful garden, they stand committed to cultivating a space that thrives on principles of sustainability, regeneration, and rewilding.

Careys Secret Garden near Wareham



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